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Survey THE BOOKS Favourites 1. Who's your favourite character?… - Dueling Dahlings

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June 15th, 2004

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11:33 pm



1. Who's your favourite character? Why? Snape. Because I just... love him. I love that he's a bastard, and I love trying to figure out his backstory. I love his remarks and I love getting inside his head and finding the humour that can be there within his bastard-ness. He's a good guy, as we eventually discover, but so flawed. And I like that. And I want to know more about him. I loved the peek into his past the OotP gave us. It thrilled me to no end and just made me ache for him, all at the same time.

2. Who's your least favourite character? Why? Umbridge made my skin crawl. Of course, I also yelled "You bastard!" in the middle of the trial scene in OotP at Fudge. I kinda hate them both. But mostly Umbridge. I'm with Nita... the quill punishment shocked me.

3. Which book is your favourite? (And again with the why. Am sick of putting it. Be nice and say why. :D) Oooh. Hard question. I really like GoF because of the Ball and the other students being there. I love jealous Ron and Krum and all the challenges.

4. Which (permanent) Hogwarts professor is your favourite? Snape. Duh. Do we really need to hear me talk more about this?

5. Which Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is your favourite? Lupin, of course. He was the best they had, and I was so sad when he left.

6. Which pet is your favourite? Does Buckbeak count as a pet? Because I pick him. Hippogriffs are just awesome, and plus, he mauled Draco. Heh.

7. Which Marauder is your favourite? Ooh. I think Padfoot is probably my favourite. He's the one who I see as getting into the most trouble but having the easiest time charming his way out of it again. He'd be the most fun.

8. Which ship is your favourite? (Up to 3) Snape/Sinistra. It's so in my head that it's basically canon to me, and I find myself reading more into the books than I probably should, just to find things that I can convince myself are pointing to S/S.

Remus/Sirius. It's so there, man. Old married couple, "brotherly" hugs... OTP!

Draco/Goblet Ron/Hermione. It's just... so bloody obvious. Get a clue, H/H-ers.

9. Who's your favourite Weasley? Ginny. Though I would like to see more of the older Weasley's. I think I'd like Bill a lot.

10. Gryffindor? Ron. He's just... classic.

11. Ravenclaw? Luna, I suppose. Don't really... know many others, do we? Besides Cho, I believe.

12. Hufflepuff? Cedric.

13. Slytherin? GOOOOOOOOYLE Draco. Yes, he's a smug, cowardly, little bastard, but I can't stand the rest of them, really.

14. Hogwarts ghost? The Grey Lady.

15. Fantastic beast? ;) ... why the winking? Why? WHY? Ahem. Unicorns. I've always had a thing for unicorns.

16. Dursley? ... I kindof hate them all. Petunia, I suppose. She's the most amusing.

17. Evil character? I suppose I can't say Snape again, since he's not really evil. Then... Lucius. I love him. He's so freaking evil. It's great. He's proud, arrogant, controlling, knows how to use fear to get what he wants. I want to see more of him. We know he's not going to stay in Azkaban.

18. House? Slytherin. *grin*

19. Quidditch match? When Gryffindor won the Cup.

20. Beauxbatons/Durmstrang student? Krum. He's rather delightfully dumb.


21. In your opinion, which character is the most tragic? Remus. He's lost... basically everything. His best friends, his job, his normal life. He lost Sirius twice. He makes me want to cry...

22. Who do you think is the funniest character? MtP Sirius? No? Doesn't count? Fine. Then Ron.

23. How do you feel about Draco Malfoy? I think he's going to be just like his dad. None of this, oh, he's an abused child and misunderstood and he's really good. He's not. Look at the books, people! He's not a nice guy!

24. How about Snape? Love him. Duh. But am also always annoyed by the he's really a good guy fanon. He's not. He's a bloody bastard and I love him for it. He's biased, spiteful, revengeful, and hates a bloody lot of people. But he's such a great character.

25. Cho Chang? Ugh. Don't like her much. Yes, she's been through a lot, but the Harry/Cho? Gag me.

26. Which plot twist in the books thus far surprised you the most? Wow. See, they've been in my mind for so long that I can't even remember. I have to say that Sirius' death shocked the hell out of me. I never saw it coming. Never. I imagined so many other characters dying. But not him. And then... he was gone. And... yeah. I couldn't believe it.

27. Which character can you identify with the most? Hmm. Ginny, I suppose. Never noticed by the guy she loves, talks to a diary, is the tagalong in a world of those older than her.

28. Has Harry/Hermione tainted toast for you? Oh, totally.

29. Who do you think has the coolest name? (These are in-depth questions, really.) Um. I like Dumbledore's name. *nod*

30. Did you cry at book five? Oh, God. I cried at Molly fighting the Boggart. That simply tore me apart. And there were several other parts. And then... Sirius. Could not stop crying. I was sitting there on my bed, surrounded by Kleenex, trying to get through the rest of the book while still sobbing. And then I finished and still didn't stop crying for another half hour. And... I don't want to think about this anymore.

31. Do you think he's really gone? I told you I didn't want to think about it! Damn you! Ahem. Yes, he is. I don't think he's coming back. It's just... not going to happen, no matter how much we all would like it to.

32. Who else do you think isn't going to live throughout the rest of the series? Wormtail, thank God. I have fears for Dumbledore and some of the Weasley's. And a big fear for Snape. Eee.

33. Whose death would absolutely scar you for life? Snape. Honestly. If he dies, I think I'll go crazy. It'll be so much worse than Sirius. I couldn't handle it.

34. I'd die right alongside Ron and/or Hermione if one of them kicked the bucket. That CAN'T happen. R/H, man! It's THERE. She can't take that away.

35. n_n. Hehehe.

36. Er. Sorry. I really couldn't resist. Sooo . . . Harry in OotP. What did you think? Bloody annoying teenage brat. But you know, he is a teenager. And he's faced Voldemort like... four times. I suppose he's entitled to some brattiness.

37. Were you surprised by Ginny's characterization? Kindof, but I got used to it.

38. Do you want to see Bellatrix suffer like no one has suffered before? YES.

39. What do you think's in store for everyone's favourite detestable little rat, Wormtail? DEATH. DEAAAAAAAAATH. Er. What'd you expect? A nice glass of brandy? Though, you know, he and Voldie may sit around on weekends toasting each other. You never know.

40. Did you get the somewhat creepy Remus/Tonks vibes? (Sorry that the survey writer bias is sinking through here.) Um. No. I really didn't. At all. And when I saw the first Remus/Tonks fanfic, I was all WTF? Because I never ever saw it. of course, I really didn't like Tonks that much to begin with, but that's just me.


1. Which movie is your favourite? PoA.

2. Do you enjoy movie!Harry, Ron, or Hermione the most? Movie!Ron. He cracks me up. Tapdancing spiders. Bwahahaha.

3. Pick five favourite movie moments.
-Quirrel and Herman. Because to me, he is Herman. And it never fails to crack me up.
-Boggart!Snape in Neville's grandma's clothes. So classic. I nearly died.
-Brotherly hugging and Remus/Sirius interaction in the Shrieking Shack.
-Snape's entrance in PS and 'bewitch the mind' speech, etc. His entire first scene delights me. Especially the deleted part of the scene.

4. How did you feel about David Thewlis as Lupin? I ended up liking him alright, despite his original frightening resemblence to the Duke. Like I've said, he was at his best opposite Oldman.

5. Oldman as Sirius? Perfect.

6. Whose characterization bothers you the most? Pettigrew. Just... no. And Hagrid's bothered me for a while... he's just not quite right. But Pettigrew annoyed me much more.

7. Gambon or Harris as Dumbledore? Gambon. Sorry, Richard.

8. Which movie alteration has irked you the most? NOT EXPLAINING THE MARAUDERS.

9. What do you think has been the scariest thing in the movies so far? Dementors. Eeeeeeee.

10. Which scene from each movie did you find the most moving? Sirius trying to stop Remus' transformation. Sniffle.

11. Are you amused by the obvious R/H-ness going on? YES. It's great.

12. Do you think Steve Kloves should be punished in some way? YES. ... I'm really into caps tonight, aren't I? I think it's the VC acting up.

13. Alfonso or Chris Columbus? Um... duh? Alfonso. Stay, Alfonso, STAY. (See? Caps. I'm tellin' ya.)


1. Do you write fanfiction? Hmm... let's see... that'd be a yes.

2. Who are your favourite characters to write about? Snape. I love getting into his character, especially for Diaries.

3. Who can you just not get in-character for the life of you? Most of the modern day characters (Ron, Hermione, etc). I love the MWPP era and those from it so much more.

4. Which fanfictions (top 3) are you the most pleased with? Oh my... hmm. I have to go look. Diaries, And Then There Was, and... um... hmm. Oh, screw it, I'm putting four. Torn Asunder and Young, Once, and Beautiful. Ha. Take THAT, survey. Boo-yah.

5. Which fanfiction makes you want to go hide and never see the light of day again? Oh God. Nearly all of my older ones.

6. Does slash squick you? Nah. Heck, I write it. The really weird pairings do, but for the most part... nah.

7. Do you enjoy unconventional pairings (Snape/Hermione, Draco/Hermione, etc.)? If they're convincingly done and not completely... disgusting.

8. Which character do you think is portrayed the most differently in fanon? Snape. See Nita's response. Poor quilt. It never knew what was coming. You see, THIS is why one must always CONTROL THEIR PASSION.

9. What's your favourite fanfic pairing? S/S. Hands down. And then R/S.

10. What's the most bizarre ship you've ever stumbled upon? Snape/Giant Squid. Do not even ask.
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Date:June 16th, 2004 08:15 pm (UTC)
Though, you know, he and Voldie may sit around on weekends toasting each other. You never know.


Beeeautiful mental picture there. :) :)

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