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Dueling Dahlings

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Originally the famed site of the dueling contests, now The Dream Team is (merely) a lj community where six fanfic authors discuss canon, ship their favorite couples, count down to book five six, and plug their marvelous fanfics. Find them at fanfiction.net under the following list.

Dueling Dahlings: Milla and Nita
SevereObsession: Dia and Storm
Bohemian Storm: Storm
drama-princess: Milla
Gedia Kacela: Dia
PepsiAngel: Crys
She's a Star: Nita
Twix: Twixxa

Magical Me!

nova25: Captain of the good ship Snape/Sinistra and sorta-blonde bombshell, she adores books, Broadway musicals, and all things British. Something of a starry-eyed twit herself, she's got a good heart. Just keep her away from the butterbeer.
the_rum_is_gone: Seemingly innocent, seemingly sweet... secretly slashy. A Midwestern sweetheart with a harem the size of small cities and an obsessive partiality to all bad-boy Slytherins, namely one Severus Snape. Look out... she has a wand and she knows how to use it... kind of...
bohemian__storm: Obsessive theatre major who's rather partial to slash, and MtP Sirius. Corrupted beyond return and enjoying every second of it. Would like to thank the supplier of Milla's buttebeer.
dollsome: Slightly abstract sixteen year old girl with rabid R/H shipping tendencies, a Vanilla Coke addiction, and a mission in life to woo Daniel Radcliffe (or maybe just get around to updating her fanfictions).
twixxa: A super hero of many obsessions (Moulin Rouge, Harry Potter, Humphrey Bogart, old movies, fedoras *gets all misty eyed* and most of all, Gilderoy Lockhart!), Twixxa is probably the most eccentric of the Potterettes. And just try to take them away from her. Go on, I dare you, but beware the olive eyes.
cryssa: The original Gildy Goddess, she is still holding on to her innocence. C'mon, corrupt her, people, you know you want to!