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Sleep be damned. *falls over* Forgive any spelling errors. THE… - Dueling Dahlings

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June 15th, 2004

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10:26 pm
Sleep be damned. *falls over* Forgive any spelling errors.



1. Who's your favourite character? Why? Sirius Black. Originally it was Remus because I just loved the obvious contrast between his gentle nature as a man and his violent nature as a werewolf. Then, after thinking about it for some time, I really just came to love the idea of Sirius. I love that he was this arrogant kid that I probably would have loathed had I gone to school with him and suddenly he was thrust into this world and this war where being good looking wasn't enough to save your life. Then he went to Azkaban. And while I don't blame him, exactly, I think his rash, impulsive, incredibly selfish nature was part of the reason he ended up there. It's also part of the reason he died. He's so wonderfully imperfect. And, y'know, MTP!SIRIUS!!!

2. Who's your least favourite character? Why? Probably Colin Creavy. I just couldn't get on board with him. He annoyed me to no end. Strangely enough, I like his brother.

3. Which book is your favourite? (And again with the why. Am sick of putting it. Be nice and say why. :D) PoA for the moment. I'm rereading OotP for the first time since last summer and I'm just struck but how amazing it is. The characters are brilliant and I just now reread the scene in which Molly Weasley is trying to fight the Boggart and it's turning into her dead children and Harry. I was in tears. It's so sad and so well written.

4. Which (permanent) Hogwarts professor is your favourite? Snape. *does a Snape love dance* Snape because he's such a calculating bastard who holds a wonderfully idiotic grudge against the child of a guy he hated ten years ago. He's bitter, cynical and yet he's so good. He's such a nasty person, but he's really so good.

5. Which Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is your favourite? Remus. He was kind, gentle, intelligent and he was such a brilliant teacher. That man is remarkable. It's funny because you look at the title of the books and think that Harry Potter should be the 'hero' right? He's not? He's a regular imperfect person. Remus Lupin is one of those few people who is so selfless they seem almost perfect. (I'm giving this far too much thought considering I should be asleep.)

6. Which pet is your favourite? Crookshanks, I think. If it asked which owl, I'd say Pig. But Crookshanks is the best pet in the world. First, part Kneazle. Second, he helped save Sirius's life and tried to kill Wormtail. Repeatedly. Awesome.

7. Which Marauder is your favourite? Padfoot. Kind of goes hand in hand with my Sirius love. And I just now realized that Nita is very Canadian/British/Australian with her spelling of favourite. Awesome.

8. Which ship is your favourite? (Up to 3) Canon or fanon? Because I seriously love Remus/Tonks, but pray that it will never be canon. I want that to stay as fanon. I also never pictured it as a sort of ... everlasting kind of love. That's not the ship I picture for them. I picture either an unrequited love on Tonks' part or a sort of 'you're a warm body and I miss Sirius' relationship.

Remus/Sirius. OTP.

Ron/Hermione. Because you can't bicker that much and not have romantic tension.

9. Who's your favourite Weasley? Molly. She's ... wonderful. And the Boggart scene in OotP made me love her even more. She's such a good mom.

10. Gryffindor? Hermione, probably. Because she never thinks she's Gryffindor material (I can practically hear her inner monologues of 'I belong in Ravenclaw') but she's ever bit the Gryffindor that Harry is. Every bit as brave.

11. Ravenclaw? Luna Lovegood.

12. Hufflepuff? Cedric Diggory.

13. Slytherin? Blaise Zabini.

14. Hogwarts ghost? Bloody Baron. :D

15. Fantastic beast? ;) Yeah, what's with the winking? And ... can I pick a few? Hippogriffs and centaurs.

16. Dursley? Petunia. I'm still set on the idea that she and Lily were once close. That's why she can never really seem to look Harry in the eye. Because they remind her of Lily's eyes and she feels the pain of losing her sister and knowing they were estranged and yeah, I'm weird.

17. Evil character? Lucius Malfoy. Simply because he doesn't seem to be quite the coward his son is. It makes me wonder were Draco got it. Narcissa? Seems unlikely.

18. House? Ravenclaw, I think.

19. Quidditch match? The one in PoA when Gryffindor wins the cup. It makes me get all teary every single time.

20. Beauxbatons/Durmstrang student? Fleur. I liked her accent. And her Veela-esqueness.


21. In your opinion, which character is the most tragic? Remus. He's the one left watching, the one left to deal with the aftermath, the one left to put the pieces back together when everything falls apart. The others get to die, get to betray their friends. He just gets to mourn all these losses and that breaks my heart.

22. Who do you think is the funniest character? Fred and George kill me. Although, Ron asking Luna if she's been drinking on the train was pretty damn funny too.

23. How do you feel about Draco Malfoy? I'm interested to see if he'll become more than just the idiotic, cowardly bully. Where is his place in this war? I'm fairly certain it's on the side of Voldemort, so I'm not kidding myself about that ... it's just where? Will he have enough of a spine to become a Death Eater on his own? Will he back out? Will his parents force him?

24. How about Snape? *hugs him* He has a fascinating background and, as I stated above, even if he's a bastard, he's really quite a good man.

25. Cho Chang? I never liked her, but I never disliked her either. I think she made for fantastic comic relief during the kiss. I adore the scene afterward when Harry tells Ron and Hermione about it.

26. Which plot twist in the books thus far surprised you the most? I was convinced Snape was evil in PS. I think I'd have to say the entire story with Wormtail in PoA, however. By PoA I was convinced there would be a big twist, so I was very wary while reading it. I didn't completely believe that Sirius had done all those things they said, so I wasn't fully surprised by that. I was surprised, however, by the animagus twist, by the fact that Remus was a werewolf (I so didn't catch on) and by Scabbers being ... well, not Scabbers.

27. Which character can you identify with the most? Little bit of Hermione, little bit of Ron, little bit of Sirius.

28. Has Harry/Hermione tainted toast for you? You know it.

29. Who do you think has the coolest name? (These are in-depth questions, really.) I love Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Sirius because of the whole dog star connection and Lupin because of the wolf thing. You think I'd have figured out he was a werewolf after going, "Hey, mom! Remus Lupin's last night means wolf!"

30. Did you cry at book five? That's funny. I cried for about an hour. Went to work, cried at work. Came home, cried at home. I cried for about a week and a half without stopping. I still can't talk about it or I cry. I look at the stupid obituary one of the newspapers printed that I clipped out and I cry.

31. Do you think he's really gone? I wish he wasn't, but I do. I mean, that blows about my whole 'ooh, the symbol for the dog star and silver are the same - silver is the only thing that kills werewolves!' theory to hell, but ... blah. I'd rather he be gone than brought back all wrong. I'd rather he be dead than not be Sirius.

32. Who else do you think isn't going to live throughout the rest of the series? Remus and I have a bad feeling about Molly Weasley.

33. Whose death would absolutely scar you for life? I'm already scarred for life. However, I think having Harry die at the end would not only scar me, it would disappoint me. It's the same Buffy/Angel thing. The Buffy finale made me happy because it was hopeful. There was the idea of a fresh start. The Angel finale depressed me because it was hopeless. If Harry dies I'll feel like all his fighting was in vain. He deserves to live.

34. I'd die right alongside Ron and/or Hermione if one of them kicked the bucket. I think I just might too.

35. n_n. You're evil in ways I've never known.

36. Er. Sorry. I really couldn't resist. Sooo . . . Harry in OotP. B-R-A-T! Brat. Of course, I like that her main character is flawed, but still, what a fucking brat.

37. Were you surprised by Ginny's characterization? A little. But she's growing up, so I wasn't too surprised that suddenly she has a real personality. I liked it a lot.

38. Do you want to see Bellatrix suffer like no one has suffered before? Do you even need to ask me that? ME!?

39. What do you think's in store for everyone's favourite detestable little rat, Wormtail? I'm afraid he's going to kill Remus. I don't think he'll survive the series either, however. I think he's either going to slip up and Voldemort will kill him, or I think Harry will.

40. Did you get the somewhat creepy Remus/Tonks vibes? (Sorry that the survey writer bias is sinking through here.) They're not creepy! And, no, I don't get Remus/Tonks vibes at all in canon. Tonks is the kind of girl who'd go, 'Oh, so my cousin is dating Remus. Back away from the hot werewolf.' She'd never make a move on Sirius's man, man. :D I still enjoy Remus/Tonks, however.


1. Which movie is your favourite? Prisoner of Azkaban, hands down.

2. Do you enjoy movie!Harry, Ron, or Hermione the most? Movie!Ron, I guess

3. Pick five favourite movie moments.
- Snape's entrance in PS. I was like, 'YES! YES! So perfect!!!'
- "They might have to chop it." Perfect.
- Sirius talking to Harry outside of the Whomping Willow. It was sweet and sad and so well done.
- The entire thing at the end of CoS with Tom Riddle and the Basilisk.
- Hermione punching Draco. That made me feel good.

4. How did you feel about David Thewlis as Lupin? I liked him off and on. Some scenes I was so into it, thinking that this was the Remus I'd always pictured. Other scenes I was very WTF? I'm still sitting at an 'okay, he wasn't bad' level.

5. Oldman as Sirius? *gapes* No words. No words. This man in my hero for bringing to life the character I love so much and doing it so perfectly.

6. Whose characterization bothers you the most? Hermione's, I think. She doesn't have the insecure parts that I love so much about her.

7. Gambon or Harris as Dumbledore? Gambon rocked my socks. And probably Dumbledore's too.

8. Which movie alteration has irked you the most? The fact that there was absolutely no explanation about the Marauders and why Harry's patronus took the shape of the stag. Voldemort calls Pettigrew 'Wormtail' in GoF. They'll have to explain it sometime.

9. What do you think has been the scariest thing in the movies so far? The Dementors scared the hell out of me.

10. Which scene from each movie did you find the most moving?
PS - Mirror of Erised. (This movie wasn't very moving, though.)
CoS - When Hagrid comes back. I bawled the first time I saw it in the theatre.
PoA - Sirius asking Harry to live with him. He seemed so shy.

11. Are you amused by the obvious R/H-ness going on? It makes me very happy.

12. Do you think Steve Kloves should be punished in some way? I'll eat his face!

13. Alfonso or Chris Columbus? Alfonso, you are my hero!


1. Do you write fanfiction? Yes.

2. Who are your favourite characters to write about? Remus or Sirius.

3. Who can you just not get in-character for the life of you? Er, Remus and Sirius? Seriously, I'm always afraid I'm not doing them justice. Probably Harry and Ginny, though. I just can't get into their heads.

4. Which fanfictions (top 3) are you the most pleased with? 3: Grey Sky Morning. 2 - Harry Potter and the Excessive Use of Bad Cliches *snicker* Okay, seriously 2: Laugh and 1 ... oh, God. Don't make me choose between Chocolate and Two. I love how they both turned out. Top four? Oh, okay! Top four. Grey Sky Morning, Laugh, Chocolate and Two. Buahahaha. and maybe Just a Kiss as well

5. Which fanfiction makes you want to go hide and never see the light of day again? The Five. *sighs* Oh, or Myths of a Flood.

6. Does slash squick you? Meh. I just don't read the pairings I don't like.

7. Do you enjoy unconventional pairings (Snape/Hermione, Draco/Hermione, etc.)? It depends. I used to love Hermione/Snape and it still interests me. I've read some really good Hermione/Remus and Draco/Ginny. I also read a Remus/Draco (and if that's not unconventional, I don't know what is) and it was amazing. It seriously blew me away.

8. Which character do you think is portrayed the most differently in fanon? Draco or Hermione.

9. What's your favourite fanfic pairing? R/S.

10. What's the most bizarre ship you've ever stumbled upon? Sirius/Hagrid. *shudder*
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Date:June 16th, 2004 06:02 am (UTC)
*cackles* Go me and my almost canon-ness with Tonks talking about the hot werewolf. Think JKR would ever refer to him as such? *snicker*

Oh, and dahling, Just a Kiss ROCKED.

*blush* Thaaaaank you.

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