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June 15th, 2004

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04:12 pm - Survey
My first post here. Whoo!



1. Who's your favourite character? Why? My favorite character is, surprise surprise, Ginny Weasley. I've always liked her and I felt I could relate to her the most. And then in OotP she just rocked.

2. Who's your least favourite character? Why? Ah, Umbridge. She honestly has no redeeming qualities and is just evil. Some of the things she did, namely Harry's detention, made my skin crawl.

3. Which book is your favourite? (And again with the why. Am sick of putting it. Be nice and say why. :D) I really don't like choosing but I usually go with Prisoner of Azkaban. That was when we were introduced to Remus and Sirius and got to learn about the Marauders.

4. Which (permanent) Hogwarts professor is your favourite? I have a soft spot for Flitwick. I think it's because he's so short, but McGonagall is my favorite. She's strict but manages to still be very cool. At least I think so.

5. Which Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is your favourite? Remus, definitely. And not just because the other choices are rather undesirable. (Er, sorry, Gildy.) He actually taught them stuff. Fancy that!

6. Which pet is your favourite? Ooh, this requires some deep thinking. Pig, for being so darn cute.

7. Which Marauder is your favourite? I'm going to agree with Twixxa. As a Marauder, Padfoot is my favorite.

8. Which ship is your favourite? (Up to 3) Ginny/Harry. I started liking them 'cause, ya know, they are the only ones I can write and I thought Ginny's crush was cute. But then I just started to really love them together. In OotP, I thought her bluntness was good for him since he was sort of going angst crazy. She wouldn't take his crap, man.

Ron/Hermione because their bickering is the best. C'mon, who doesn't love jealous!Ron?

Remus/Sirius for reasons I can't really explain. They just work.

9. Who's your favourite Weasley? Erm. Ginny and Ron. I seriously love everyone one of them, Percy included.

10. Gryffindor? Harry. He's so Gryffindor-y.

11. Ravenclaw? Luna Lovegood.

12. Hufflepuff? Cedric Diggory.

13. Slytherin? Blaise Zabini.

14. Hogwarts ghost? Nearly Headless Nick.

15. Fantastic beast? ;) Why're you winking at me?? *suspicious* I like unicorns 'cause they have the whole pretty thing going on.

16. Dursley? Petunia.

17. Evil character? Tom Riddle. I'm intrigued by Narcissa and Bellatrix, though.

18. House? Gryffindor. Typical, but true.

19. Quidditch match? I'm quite partial to the one where Ginny caught the snitch right under Cho's nose. :) But I really love when they won in PoA. I rather want to marry Oliver every time I read that book. We're so like-minded when it comes to sports.

20. Beauxbatons/Durmstrang student? Fluer for Beauxbatons and Krum for Durmstrang. If I had to choose between those two, Krum.


21. In your opinion, which character is the most tragic? Remus edges Sirius out. Being a werewolf gives you quite an advantage.

22. Who do you think is the funniest character? Ooh, the twins. They make me laugh out loud the most.

23. How do you feel about Draco Malfoy? Um, he's a spoiled, cowardly bastard but I don't particularly hate him either.

24. How about Snape? Again, he's a bastard and can be just cruel to the Gryffindors. However, he, unlike Draco, is not a coward. He's an interesting character.

25. Cho Chang? Oh, Lord, I wanted to strangle her in OotP. That may have had something to do with Harry. Anyway, I don't particularly like her but I don't blame her for being all woe is me.

26. Which plot twist in the books thus far surprised you the most? Can I say all of them? It doesn't take much to pull the wool over my eyes. But I'd have to say everything with Barty Crouch Jr.

27. Which character can you identify with the most? Ginny.

28. Has Harry/Hermione tainted toast for you? . . . Right-o. Moving on.

29. Who do you think has the coolest name? (These are in-depth questions, really.) There are so many cool ones in HP. Ginevra Weasley and Nymphadora Tonks all the way. I also like Narcissa and Luna Lovegood. Dumbledore's middle names cracked me up and Bilius? Best name ever. Buahaha.

30. Did you cry at book five? Oh, tons. I was quite distressed.

31. Do you think he's really gone? I do.

32. Who else do you think isn't going to live throughout the rest of the series? Because of the silver hand, Remus. *sobs*

33. Whose death would absolutely scar you for life? Any of the Weasley's. Hermione. And if Harry dies at the end of book seven I would be emotional destroyed.

34. I'd die right alongside Ron and/or Hermione if one of them kicked the bucket. Yes, Nita, we know.

35. n_n. HAHAHAHA. That so caught me off guard when I was initially reading the questions.

36. Er. Sorry. I really couldn't resist. Sooo . . . Harry in OotP. What did you think? He was a giant ball of angst. I understand why, but it seriously annoyed me. He needed to chill out and stop yelling at everyone.

37. Were you surprised by Ginny's characterization? I was. I wanted JKR to go that direction with her characterization but it still surprised me, in a nice way. It was one of the best things ever, though.

38. Do you want to see Bellatrix suffer like no one has suffered before? YES.

39. What do you think's in store for everyone's favourite detestable little rat, Wormtail? I'd like to see him suffer like no one else has suffered before more than I wish that on Bellatrix.

40. Did you get the somewhat creepy Remus/Tonks vibes? (Sorry that the survey writer bias is sinking through here.) Honestly, not really. A tiny bit but it was only brought to my attention by fanfic writers. I adore Tonks, but she is so going down if they become canon. *flexes muscles*


1. Which movie is your favourite? Prisoner of Azkaban, hands down.

2. Do you enjoy movie!Harry, Ron, or Hermione the most? Movie!Ron, I suppose.

3. Pick five favourite movie moments.
- The erm, brotherly embrace.
- R/H-y stuff in PoA.
- When Quirrel rushes into the Great Hall in SS to tell them about the troll. He says, "Thought you ought to know" and then falls over. It never fails to crack me up.
- Any Gildyliciousness. :)
- The scene with the animal cracker things in PoA/Divinations. It's a tie.

4. How did you feel about David Thewlis as Lupin? Surprisingly, I thought he did a good job. He wasn't what I pictured Remus as but he had his moments.

5. Oldman as Sirius? Amazing. Just amazing.

6. Whose characterization bothers you the most? Hermione's. I like her fine just. . . Kloves and his fetish, ya know?

7. Gambon or Harris as Dumbledore? Oh, Gambon. I like Richard Harris but he didn't capture Dumbledore's spirit. He's not this wheezing old man.

8. Which movie alteration has irked you the most? Hermione stealing Ron's lines and not elaborating on who the Mauraders were. Uh, hello??

9. What do you think has been the scariest thing in the movies so far? The dementors. They didn't scare me very much, though.

10. Which scene from each movie did you find the most moving? In the first one, Mirror of Erised. (I think that's very moving in the book as well.)

In the second one, when Hermione gets out of the hospital or whatever. Huh. I can't remember the movie that well right now.

In the third one, all the Remus and Sirius scenes. And when Sirius was talking to Harry about living with him. That part makes my heart melt. He's so hopeful.

11. Are you amused by the obvious R/H-ness going on? It's great. It makes me so happy.

12. Do you think Steve Kloves should be punished in some way? Yup. I think we should kidnap him and have the fans right the next script. Down with Kloves!

13. Alfonso or Chris Columbus? Oh, Alfonso. Definitely. He seemed to "get" the books far more than dear Columbus ever did.


1. Do you write fanfiction? Yes.

2. Who are your favourite characters to write about? Ginny. I really enjoy her and feel I have the best grasp on her characterization.

3. Who can you just not get in-character for the life of you? We'll be here all day if I try to list them for you. I'll go with Sirius and Remus, for starters.

4. Which fanfictions (top 3) are you the most pleased with? 1. It's A Hair Dresser's Life For Us 2. I like most of my G/Hs 3. The Young and The Magical.

5. Which fanfiction makes you want to go hide and never see the light of day again? Ohhh, Lord. I've Waited Long Enough.

6. Does slash squick you? Some of it. Hagrid/Filch? Just wrong.

7. Do you enjoy unconventional pairings (Snape/Hermione, Draco/Hermione, etc.)? Not really, no. I mostly stick to my tried and true pairings. I've read and really liked two Remus/Hermione fics and the occasional Draco/Ginny, if that counts as unconventional.

8. Which character do you think is portrayed the most differently in fanon? Draco. Everyone gets changed a bit, but he's like a completely different character half the time.

9. What's your favourite fanfic pairing? Hmm. I really enjoy reading G/H, R/H, R/S, and S/S. I still love Draco/Cryssa, even if I am not obsessed with him anymore.

10. What's the most bizarre ship you've ever stumbled upon? Hagrid/Hermione. Oy. Ooh, and Dumbledore/Harry. OTP, baby. :)
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Date:June 15th, 2004 07:38 pm (UTC)
She wouldn't take his crap, man.

She was SO cool in OotP.

6. Does slash squick you? Some of it. Hagrid/Filch? Just wrong.


I've read and really liked two Remus/Hermione fics and the occasional Draco/Ginny, if that counts as unconventional.

Ooh, yeah, that Remus/Hermione fic that Storm wrote - that was really good.

Dumbledore/Harry. OTP, baby. :)

LOL! I found that a bit too funny. Hehehehehe!

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